Weekly Workouts: Scale Back and Relax

Weekly Workouts: Scale Back and Relax

The after-effects of Covid-19 linger far longer than the symptoms. I anticipated my HR to be elevated higher than normal this week and sure enough, it was. My aerobic fitness took what I only hope is a temporary hit. I ended up taking deliberate rest in the second half of the week, since it just seemed like I was not quite physically or mentally ready to run again. 

I admittely was frustrated and discouraged at how much fitness I lost to Covid-19. Just about a month ago, I ran 16 miles at the end of a 45-mile week. This week, I struggled to run 3 miles.

Weekly Workouts: Scale Back and Relax

Monday: Rest day

I took Isla on a short walk in the stroller. It was a beautiful sunny morning! 

Tuesday: 3 mile run

This run was slow for me – a 10:05/mile average. My effort felt harder than that and my heart rate was noticeably higher (155 bpm). My breathing did not feel out of control; it was a disconnect between my lungs, heart, and muscles. 

Wednesday: 3 mile run

This run went okay. It was super humid outside. Just like on Tuesday, I felt like I was running an 8:00 pace, not the 10:00/mile I was running. 

Thursday: 3 mile walk

I had a ton of anxiety on Wednesday, which caused a poor night’s sleep. I worried a lot about whether running would ever feel normal again after Covid. This is not like recovering from the flu or a cold. News stories focused on the myocarditis risks of Covid and I became worried about having it despite not having any symptoms of heart inflammation. I felt an anxiety attack come on: acclerated heart rate, tightness in my throat, mild shortness of breath, a sense of overwhelm, irritability/anger about getting Covid, and fear of never being normal again. 

My heart rate was elevated all day, so I opted to walk instead of run. I tried a short run interval and my heart rate shot up. So instead, I just walked. 

Friday: 3K hike

I spoke with my doctor about my post-covid anxiety and how my runs were feeling. My blood pressure was through the roof, as I was still feeling the same sense of anxiety and panic from the day before. My doctor prescribed the same medication I took before having Isla, since the hormones that cause irregular cycles can sometimes also cause anxiety. She recommended scaling back on running and informed me that it may take up to eight weeks to feel normal again. She recommended yoga or pilates and meditation for coping with anxiety, as well as walks until I’m able to handle running better. 

Ryan took the day off of work for my birthday. We enjoyed a leisurely 45-minute hike around a local park. This was such a lovely, relaxing hike – so relaxing that Isla fell asleep in the Osprey carrier! 

Weekly Workouts: Scale Back and Relax

Saturday: 20 min yoga & 2 mile hike

During naptime, I pulled up a short Yoga with Adriene flow video. I had not practiced yoga in years. This video felt physically rejuvenating and mentally relaxing. 

We took another short hike in the evening. I carried Isla in the backpack. I was pleased with how my heart rate was lower on this hike – even with a 25-lb baby on my back – than it had been on recent flat walks. I interpret that as a sign of improvement with Covid recovery! 

Sunday: 15 min yoga

I completed another short Yoga with Adriene video. We spent most of the prepping for Isla’s first birthday party: baking the cake (which will be frozen until the party), cleaning, and building cornhole boards.

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How was your week in running?
 Do you frequently practice yoga?

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10 Responses

  1. That lack of exercise tolerance is exactly how I felt last year after I got the shingles vaccine and had that prolonged RA flare. It really makes sense to me that a COVID infection would have the same effects since COVID is purported to really ramp up your immune system. I wouldn’t expect yours to last as long as mine though since you don’t have an autoimmune disease. Take it easy and hang in there!

  2. I can totally understand why you have anxiety around recovery. When you are not used to having to scale back, it can feel scary and out of your control. I really hope the yoga helps you to relax and handle on things.

  3. I’m sorry the recovery is slow and that you are experiencing so much anxiety around it. Hopefully easing back into running slowly and some yoga will help. Happy belated birthday and have fun getting ready for Isla’s big day!

  4. I am sorry to hear about the recovery and anxiety. I hope the medication the doctor prescribed helps.

    My sister is also recovering and she said that she gets tired very easily and her chest gets heavy.

  5. Oh Laura, that sounds tough. How is your husband’s recovery going? How about the coworker he caught it from? It’s sad to hear they were wearing masks (though one was a gaitor) and spacing out, but still got it…Ugh. Sending you positive thoughts and healing!

  6. So sorry to hear the recovery time is such a long process. There is so much we don’t know about this disease and I guess the only thing is to take it a day at a time. Happy the hiking and the yoga felt good! I started a yoga workshop on Monday – it’s for 7 days and so far so good. I struggle with keeping my mind still but was happy that during meditation I actually did okay!

  7. Happy belated birthday. While I am glad you are feeling better, I am so sorry you are suffering from this anxiety and these side effects. I can’t even imagine how that must feel. I am glad your doctor is helping you through, but I am also glad you are taking it easy and listening to your body.

  8. I have a client who recently recovered and is feeling the same. I think there’s so many things we would never be able to predict that will be different post-covid. Keep working at it, and know you’ve got so many cheering you on!

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