Weekly Workouts: Strength Phase, Week 2

Weekly Workouts: Strength Phase, Week 2

Last week ended up not being a very fruitful week of workouts. I dealt with congestion early in the week, which turned into a full-blown cold later in the week. I took a few days off of running in order to get better. I knew a few days off would lead to better training overall. Plus, it’s tiring to be sick while taking care of a baby!

Monday: 5.3 mile treadmill run

I followed another simulation of the Boston Marathon course. This segment involved 360 feet of climbing. I’m really enjoying treadmill hills right now. I really think they are contributing to how strong I feel on my runs and how well I’ve regained some speed postpartum. 

Weekly Workouts: Strength Phase, Week 2

Currently, I am trying to avoid any perfectionist tendencies with my running. The simulation was 48 minutes in length, so that’s what I ran. I set the data screen so that I could not see distance or average pace, just time, current pace, and current incline. 

Tuesday: 5.2 mile treadmill run

I woke up with congestion and hints of a head cold, so I opted to run easy instead of completing my planned fartlek run. I opted for another simulation course on iFit with rolling hills and set the pace at a comfortable 9:15/mile. 

Wednesday: 30 minute postnatal Pilates

By Wednesday morning, my cold was in full force. Instead of exercising, I went back to sleep for an extra hour after Isla’s dream feed. By Isla’s morning nap, I felt a bit better, so I did a postnatal Pilates mat workout. I appreciated the modifications of this workout, since I’m still (4 month later) build back some of my core strength. 

Thursday: 55 minute run

I felt better, so I ran a bit longer and threw in some 3-minute pickups to a steady 8.0 mph. In retrospect though, I should have kept this run short and easy. 

We also celebrated Isla’s four-month birthday! She’s growing into such a curious, energetic, vibrant little girl. 

Weekly Workouts: Strength Phase, Week 2

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Rest Days

Friday I awoke with a low-grade fever, so after her dream feed I went back to bed. I slept in until Isla awoke for the day. By Saturday, I started to feel better, but I continued to rest until I fully kicked this cold. 

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  1. I always said this and now I say it to the moms I see in my practice: Moms can’t get sick. It’s so hard to take care of the kids when you don’t feel good! I hope you’re on the mend.

  2. I remember the first January after my kids were born. They were about 6-7 months old and all four of us got sick with colds. It seemed like we continued to pass it back and forth for at least a month. It was hard to get workouts in so I just did whatever felt good even if that meant taking lots of downtime. It’s hard to mom when you aren’t feeling good. Hope everyone kicked the cold to the curb!

  3. That is such a great picture of your daughter “reading” her book. Love it! 🙂 I am sorry you got sick. It sucks. Kudos to you for keeping up with your runs. I got sick right at the beginning of January and could not run at all. I was constantly tired and coughing. I stayed on the soft to read a book and watch TV. Oh, and to sleep too.

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