Weekly Workouts: Base Building Week 2

Weekly Workouts: Base Building Week 2

Base building requires a lot of patience, but it’s honestly a type of patient, slow work that I don’t mind too much. It’s rewarding each week to do a little bit more and feel a little bit stronger. This week was a good week of running, especially since I ran five times (for the first time since July) and hit 20 miles for the week! 

Monday: 4 mile run

I manually input some small rolling hills into this treadmill run. Playing with the incline and pace makes treadmill runs go by much quickier and almost feel more like an outdoor run. 

Tuesday: 5 mile run

I ran five miles for the first time since I raced a 5 miler at 38 weeks pregnant! I was really pleased that I ran this 5 mile run at the same pace (~45 minutes for 5 miles), but at an effort that felt easier. I used a Boston Marathon course on the treadmill, so this run included several hills at 2-5%. 

Weekly Workouts: Base Building Week 2

Wednesday: 3 mile run & ReCore

I was a little fatigued after Tuesday’s run, so I kept this run super light and easy at just under a 10 minute mile pace. 

I also repeated another session of last week’s ReCore. C-sections really do diminish core and pelvic floor strength. I’ll be honest that I didn’t anticipate pelvic floor weakness after a C-section, but apparently you just can’t escape it no matter how you give birth. I felt like I needed to do another session of these exercises before progressing. 

Thursday: Strength Training

I started the sixth week of ReCore, which was a full strength workout in itself. It included push-ups, lunges, side planks, and single leg glute bridges. I do feel much stronger now than six weeks ago; I just need to stay consistent about it once I finish the program. 

Weekly Workouts: Base Building Week 2

Friday: 3 mile easy run

Isla had a rougher night of sleep due to congestion/a minor cold, but I knew that a run would give me energy for the day and make me feel better. Since I was tired, I kept the pace very easy. 

In the evening, we took Isla to our town’s annual Holly Days celebration. It’s so special to share our favorite holiday traditions with her for the first time, even if she sleeps through everything. 

Weekly Workouts: Base Building Week 2

Saturday: 5 mile run

The weather was blissfully chilly! I took Ollie for a five mile run. I’m amazed each time I run outside just how well I maintained my speed – at least at an easy run effort. We averaged an 8:37/mile pace, which felt smooth and comfortable. 

Sunday: Rest day

Ryan and I took Isla on a long walk (probably 3-ish miles) through our favorite nearby park. It was 50 degrees and it’s essential to soak up every minute outside before winter arrives for good. 

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How was your week in running?

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  1. Yay for a solid week of running! I have had 4 c-sections, I was seriously so shocked at how weak my pelvic floor was too. My core is seriously toasted after those surgeries, I wish I would have been on top of it instead of trying to heal it all now.

    1. You are amazing for having had four C-section – the recovery is no easy feat! The ReCore program really helped – and it’s made for any time past pregnancy/C-section. I highly recommend it!

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