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Lake Sammamish Half Marathon Race Recap 2016

Who else is eager for the holiday weekend? Ryan and I are headed out for a camping trip to the Olympic Peninsula on Friday, and my brain is attempting to beat me there. I’m sure you’re all feeling the same way, so let’s take a break from the more technical running speak and think out loud today with a fun game of would you rather, running style. 

Play along in the comments and feel free to share the whole survey on your own blog if you wish! 

Would You Rather…

Run a race in 30 degrees (F) and windy or 80 degrees and super sunny?

I prefer running in the cold, and I’d rather battle the wind than overheat. My first half marathon was 35 degrees and windy and I loved it!

Valpo 2014 Half Marathon

Run a beer mile or a color run?

Beer me. I’m not at much of a girly girl and knowing my luck I’d swallow some of the dye. Just, if it’s going to be a cheaper beer, can it be Miller Genuine Draft and not Bud Light, please?

Run on the trails or in an urban setting?

Trails, please. I love to opt outside! I’d rather get chased by angry pack of geese (it has happened!) than face crazy Seattle drivers.

Mile Markers: Win Some, Lose Some

Forget to put on deodorant or Body Glide before a long run?

Body Glide…because I honestly don’t use any now! Although I should have during that one 15 miler in the rain…

Eat bacon or brownies as mid-race fuel?

Either option makes my stomach turn! I think I’d have to go with brownies, though, as long as it’s not a hot race. 

Wear running shoes that are too big or too small?

Too small. I hate the feeling of my toes being crammed! 

Running Shoes

Run a crowded big city marathon with 30,000+ runners or run a small rural marathon with less than 200 finishers?

As much as I thrive on having other runners to pace off of and chase during a race (what can I say, I’m competitive), I’d rather run a small rural race. Crowds make me feel nervous and claustrophobic. 

Eat Indian curry or sashimi the night before a big race?

I’ll take spicy over the slightest risk of food poisoning from raw fish any day of the week. Although I’m probably just saying that because I’m always in the mood to eat good curry! Plus: CARBS. 

Travel for a good PR race or choose a local but challenging race?

I prefer the convenience of local races and love supporting my local running community. If the race is on the Eastside, bring it! If it’s in downtown Seattle, nope nope nope because those hills scare me. Cold and flat races make me happy…which is why I’ll be running the California International Marathon in December! 

Lake Sammamish Half Marathon Race Recap 2016

Eat sweet or savory immediately after finishing a race or hard long run?

Savory – give me the salt! And plain coconut water or beer please. 


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Your turn! Pick a couple questions and play along in the comments and/or do the full survey over at your blog!

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24 Responses

  1. I think I would choose just about all the same answers as you! I would definitely pick a beer run over a color run. I have no desire to do a color run, but Im glad it gets people out running who otherwise wouldn’t do so. The pre-race meal is a tough one for me because I don’t like either of those options!

    1. Great minds think alike! I do think color runs are great for introducing people to running, but having dye thrown at me while running sounds messy and gross now.

    1. Thank you! I always find people’s answers to these so fun! And ohhhh my gosh yes can it just be the weekend already? I’ve already mentally tuned out.

  2. I love this survey! I was answering along as I read through each question. Definitely with you on the beer mile. I’ve done the Color Run in the past, and would definitely enjoy a beer mile instead, because beer and running just go together so darn well.

    1. Thank you! That’s what so fun about these surveys! A beer mile does sound rough by the last lap but beer and running do go so well together! Although I can’t say I’ve ever had a beer before or during a run, just after.

  3. Wow some of these are really hard questions!! While I wouldn’t do a color run, I don’t think I ever want to do a beer mile. Two things that are great on their own but just shouldn’t be done simultaneously, in my opinion! I have conflicting feelings about color runs. While I would never do one now, a color run is what got me into running. As much as I currently dislike the concept I have to remember that if it weren’t for a color run I wouldn’t be where I am today.

    And, so, you are officially doing CIM now??!?! How exciting! Does this mean JnJ is now officially a half?

    1. I do think the beer mile would be tough because four beers is a lot even after a run! I do think color runs are great for introducing people to running, but I do think that more experienced/competitive runners tend to avoid them, even if they did them before.
      And yes! I sneaked that into the post after I registered for CIM last night. Super excited! Um I think I’m officially doing the half of JNJ – not that there’s any chance of doing the full, but I am getting frustrating answers about downgrading to the half. That’s a whole other story and probably just my INTJ personality craving clear cut answers and NOT having to wait until the day before the race to be sure.

  4. I wouldn’t do a color run OR a beer mile! And ironically, I would prefer 30 degrees and windy for a longer race like a half or full, because I know it would warm up… so I wouldn’t mind it starting that cold, but for a short race like a 5K I would probably go with 80 degrees and sunny :).

    1. Half and full marathons are not fun when it’s warm! Although I’m pretty sure 80 degrees during a 5K would be brutal – but then again, you’re used to those temperatures, as 80 degree days here have everyone complaining!

  5. I would way rather run in the heat, in a small race in the city (no trails) with beer and brownies wearing shoes that are too big!

    1. Seattle RNR will be the perfect race for you then! Stop by Elysian afterwards and you’ll have the beer, small city race, and heat all rolled into one!

  6. Hmm… After a long race, I like savory. After a short race, I love all the carbs. I’ve never done a beer run, but I’m not a huge beer fan, so I would probably do the Color one. I also LOVE rural races, trails, and anything small and more out of the way.

    1. I will say that a donut or other dessert does always sound super delicious after a shorter race! Trails are so nice for running whether they’re paved trails or dirt trails because it feels so quiet and rejuvenating to be out in nature!

  7. As much as I love them, I honestly couldn’t imagine eating a brownie mid-run either. Holy.snap is that asking for trouble. But so is Indian curry the night before a big race! 😆 I’d go with that option as well since this girl doesn’t do fish in any form, but oh man… I can only imagine what kind of trouble that would be 😆

    1. I know right? Either way those options are trouble – it’s just what type of risk one wants to take! 😀 I’ve actually heard of people eating bacon mid-race, though!

  8. DEFINITELY a beer run over color run. Way more fun in my opinion 🙂 Call me crazy but I’d probably rather eat sashimi before a race. I love my sushi and fish. And definitely 30 degrees over 80 – I’d feel dehydrated so quickly.

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