Jack and Jill Marathon Training Week 3

Jack and Jill Marathon Training Week 3

Week 3 of Jack and Jill Marathon training is done, with a solid 45 miles and my longest run of the year logged. The first few weeks of training feel like a bit of an experiment in determining what does and doesn’t work, when to take rest days, and when to fit in specific workouts. 

Huge congratulations are in order for Meredith, who PR’ed at the Long Island Half Marathon this weekend! Meredith won the coaching giveaway back in December and had an exceptional training cycle, ran a smart race, and earned that PR! I know a lot of other people raced this weekend with the BMO Vancouver, Pittsburgh, Tacoma City, and other races, so congrats to everyone who raced! 

Jack and Jill Marathon Training Week 3

Jack and Jill Marathon Training Week 3

Monday: AM: 8 miles with last 2 miles hard, 8:18/mile avg pace; PM: 25 minutes Pilates

My plan stated 9 miles, but when I reaching mile 4 on my out-and-back, I decided to turn around. I was drenched already from the rain and felt as if I was toeing the edge between feeling good and feeling fatigued. Those first few weeks of training require adapting as the number of miles increase. When I run, I always think of leaving something for the next workout, unless of course it’s a race. The first few weeks of training require some intuition and attention to the body to find where exactly that balance of training hard but not overtraining rests. 

For the final two miles, I eased from my comfortable easy pace to a tempo effort. What I love about running by perceived effort is that it changes from day to day; you see where your body is at, and you never push a pace that’s not right. This day, I decided tempo pace or slightly faster was appropriately hard: harder than easy pace, but still controlled and steady. My Garmin surprised me after that run by telling me I ran 7:16 and 7:18 for those miles. 

Jack and Jill Marathon Training Week 3

I spent the morning with freezing cold hands and feet from running in the rain. It wasn’t cold outside (mid 40s) but by the end of the run I was drenched with chilly rain. I struggle to warm up after rainy runs and usually end up hiding under a sweatshirt and several blankets at my desk all day. 

Tuesday: AM: 20 minutes strength training; PM: 4.5 mile run

Ryan is increasing his training and decided to add two a day workouts (which you know I am a fan of this approach), so we headed to the gym bright and early for round one of our workouts. Without my morning coffee yet, I managed 20 minutes of strength training without any whining. I followed the same routine as last week with a few modifications. I added overhead presses to the squats for upper body strengthening, which is so important as I increase both the distance of long runs and hikes.

For the evening run I met up with Aimee for a mixture of hill running and a couple miles on a gravel trail for a total of 4.5 fun miles. 

Wednesday: AM: 9 miles with 15 x (1 minute hard, 1 minute easy), 8:08/mile avg pace; PM: 15 minute Pilates workout

More and more each week, my hard workouts become focused on effort rather than pace. The approach worked well for me during half marathon training, so I don’t track my pace on my marathon training workouts. I simply let the elapsed time and distance show on my screen so I could track the time for the intervals, and then just ran the entire workout by effort. Since I wasn’t worried about pace, this workout flew by, and before I knew it I was done and more than ready for breakfast. 

Jack and Jill Marathon Training Week 3

Pilates helps me feel stretched and lengthened again after a speed workout. Even a few minutes of Pilates is like hitting a reset button and I feel as if I return to my normal height by the end of a session. 

Thursday: 3.5 mile easy run, 9:58/mile

April 28 is Charlie Day, which celebrates the day that Ryan and I adopted Charlie as a tiny puppy. He was only four months old and so little when we adopted him back in Dayton, Ohio. He was so little that he could only spanned the length of Ryan’s forearm. Now he’s a strong dog who loves to run and hike! I started running Charlie when he was 9 months old and used run-walk intervals to ease him into running, and now he can run or hike for miles!

Jack and Jill Marathon Training Week 3

Friday: 15 mile long run, 8:45/mile

Ouch. Yet again another long run in the rain, only this time I experienced some minor chafing on my legs – for the first time ever. Thankfully it wasn’t anything that a bit of coconut oil couldn’t fix. 

I also had heartburn for the first 10 miles. I contemplated calling it quits multiple times, not because the run was particularly awful, but just because the combo of heartburn (of all things, from changing brands of fish oil supplements) AND running yet again in the rain was mentally challenging. Neither of those things was bad on its own, but my mind focused on them more because I was out there running for a long time. But as Suzy says, the marathon is mental as it is physical, and most long runs that are a struggle simply require the exercise of mind over matter. 

I took the final miles a bit fast for a long run (8:30s), because I just wanted to finish this run. Not ideal, but we all have those runs where we just want to finish, shower, and eat.

Saturday: 9.5 mile hike, 1300 feet elevation gain

Originally Ryan and I considered doing a 14 mile hike, but we opted for a long but flat one after both having hard weeks of training. So Ryan, Charlie, and I headed out to Stevens Pass to hike Greider Lakes, which featured three beautiful lakes (one at the start, two at the top). The first two miles were flat and nontechnical and the final 2.75 were steep, rugged, and slippery thanks to last weeks rains. But the views at the top made the muddy pants (and puggle) and slow climb worth it!

Jack and Jill Marathon Training Week 3

I upgraded to a new iPhone last week and love the high-quality camera! The clarity makes everything out here appear almost as green and vibrant as it is in person. 

Sunday: 5 mile run with Ryan, 9:50/mile 

My favorite run of the week! Ryan and I did 5 easy miles on our favorite trail. These Sunday runs feel so rejuvenating for the legs after a hard hike. 

45 miles run | 9.5 miles hike | 3 supplemental workouts

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Who raced this week? How did you do?
Do you celebrate your pets’ birthdays/adoption days?
What for you is the hardest part of starting a new marathon training plan?


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26 Responses

  1. When I start a new training plan I am usually tempted to do more that what the plan says because my legs are still feeling pretty good! But I have learned over the years that its not smart to do that and there will be plenty of time to tire out the legs later in training. Great job this week!

    1. Thank you! I think that’s definitely the trap I fell into as well by adding an extra day! So tempting but you are so correct – not the smartest. We each live and learn!

  2. thank you again for coaching! you already know I think you are the greatest! great job on your running this week. We must still chat about our workouts every morning, okay? lol…And yes, I always celebrated my dog’s birthday. I got her a cupcake or big cookie every year and I would give her some crumbs and I ate the rest lol

    1. Thank you for being an awesome coaching client! Yes definitely still chat about our workouts everyday please 🙂 Lol Charlie had ice cream on his day this year…and I definitely snuck a scoop of it!

  3. The views while hiking…swoon!!! And running in the rain? I’m so not a fan. Every single marathon I’ve done has been in crazy heavy rains and wind. I know the feeling of not being able to warm up for the whole day. It’s horrible!

    1. I can’t imagine running a full marathon in the rain! I guess that’s why so many marathons are in summer out here – not during rainy season and all the runners just want a break from running in the rain so much.

  4. That picture of the lake and mountains is amazing. Simply awe inspiring. Your mention of the Tacoma marathon reminded me of an IG post that I saw of a guy who is 81 (?) and ran his 471st marathon at Tacoma. OMG

  5. Charlie is adorable! I have two adopted dogs but (shamefully) don’t celebrate those days. Every day is THEIR day at our house! I will start training for Chicago this summer. I think I’m going to design my own training plan but haven’t put much thought into it yet. My biggest struggle will be coming to terms with the insane heat and humidity I’ll be running in. It never feels easy. This is when that perceived effort you speak about comes into play because the paces won’t really mean anything. Thanks for linking with us on the Weekly Wrap, Laura.

    1. Thank you! Oh everyday in our house does feel like Charlie’s day – puggles are very demanding! Training by effort in the summer heat and humidity sounds like a smart plan – the humidity especially makes everything harder. Thank you for hosting!

    1. That is absolutely adorable! I bet she loves that 🙂 Sticking to a plan is tricky – I believe in a good balance of staying committed and finding what works/adapting, so I think we will work very well together come June! 🙂

  6. Whoa, a strength workout without coffee? Respect. So crappy about the indigestion. I have yet to find fish oil supplements that don’t make me burp. If you ever find any, let me know. It’s my never-ending quest. And there’s no mental strength that can get you through fish burps. 😛

    Charlie <3

    1. Thank you! Although I think it was the lack of coffee that let me get through the strength workout, since my brain wasn’t awake. Nature Made and Kroger/Simple Truth Organic didn’t make me burp, but whoa does that Target brand! And Charlie says <3 back 🙂

  7. Such smart advice to give and follow (which is usually harder!) to listen to your body and adapt your training plan. I hope the weather turns around for you since the rain runs can be so mentally challenging. I would have chafed so much worse!!
    And, I don’t think I need to mention again how stunning those hiking pics are but, I can’t help it! I also loved my camera upgrade on my phone 🙂

    1. Thank you! The hikes always look so much more stunning in person, but the better camera does help 🙂 Thankfully this week seems to be clear from rain which is a welcome change. Hopefully the weather out your way stays rain-free as your race approaches!

    1. Thank you – Charlie loves it! 🙂 The marathon is a small one in its second year running in North Bend, WA, which is about 45 minutes outside of Seattle in the mountains.

  8. Sounds like a great week of runs and workouts! Nice job running in the rain! Great pics! That view of Greider Lakes is fantastic!

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