Adapt and Adjust: May 2016 Goal Update

So May did not go the way I planned. I sprained my foot, missed out on a month of hiking and running, and decided not to run the Jack and Jill Marathon in July. You could say that sucks. But does it really? 

One of the best parts of life is that our trajectory does not always follow our plans. We do not always meet our goals, because often life happens, our interests shift, and we adapt, adjust, and move forward.

May 2016 Running Goals Update

When I talk about letting go of goals and being bold with your goals, those notions both stem from the same approach to goals. You can’t let goals rule your life: there’s no value in stressing out, overtraining, and coming to despise running because you have a do or die mentality about an arbitrary time goal. A 2 hour half marathon or a BQ marathon means very little if you did not enjoy the journey.

But when a goal does have deep meaning to you? Then boldly chase after it, embrace the journey, find joy in the pursuit, and follow your heart. Fail half the time, succeed half the time, grow and learn, and don’t quit until you have crossed that metaphorical or literal finish line.

I could very easily have been upset about spraining my foot, missing several weeks of marathon training (I haven’t run over 6 miles in nearly a month!), and deciding to downgrade or even outright DNS the Jack and Jill Marathon.

But no longer am I the type to wallow in what should have happened. I sprained my foot; it’s a risk when you run, hike, and push your limits. I can’t rewind and stop myself from slipping and falling on a hike. What I can do, and what I did, is adapt, adjust, and move forward.

So as I mentioned on Tuesday, I’m running the California International Marathon!  And I am incredibly excited. 

The original reason for selecting Jack and Jill was to allow for a dedicated hiking season to achieve Ryan’s and my goal of completing long multi-day hikes, and CIM fits that goal also – in fact, it actually allows us make the most of June and July backpacking.

2016 Running Goals May Update

May 2016 Goals Update

Run a Sub-1:40 Half Marathon (completed)

Done! I ran a 1:38:40 at the Lake Sammamish Half Marathon in March.

PR in the Marathon

CIM is supposed to be one of the fastest courses on the West Coast, due to its net downhill profile, cool temperatures, and tremendous crowd support. It’s significantly less hilly than the Portland Marathon, which I thought was a fairly flat race with a gradual uphill at the start and then a bit of a nasty incline over the St. John’s Bridge. I plan on training hills, doing a couple 20-22 milers, and following a Brad Hudson adapted plan, since that style worked so well for me in half marathon training.

Backpacking in the Cascades

Ryan and I want to do at least one 15+ mile hike this year. We have done a few 9-10 mile hikes so far this year (Goat Lake, Greider Lakes, and Mount Washington), so we are on a good track for that goal. Building back my mileage to prepare for marathon training and strength training at least twice a week will help prepare for longer hikes, as will weekly hikes.

Improve Fueling & Hydration

The marathon will be the ultimate test of fueling and hydration. Right now the focus has shifted from fueling and hydration on long runs and races to fueling and hydration on hikes. The hotter the temperature and the longer the hikes, the more eating and drinking enough matters! Not to mention that as Ryan and I both increase our mileage, our appetites increase as well.

Want to improve your fueling and hydration? Sign up for my 6 Week Master Your Fueling and Hydration e-Course!

Grow My Coaching Business

The Marathon Training Group begins on Monday, which I am so excited about! I have five runners in this group, all training for various marathons, in addition to my other athletes! I also earned my Run-Fit Revo2lution Certification; even though I am RRCA certified, I truly believe in the benefit of continuing education as a coach. 

Are you interested in working with a running coach to achieve your goals through sustainable, enjoyable, and effective training? I’d love to work with you! Learn more about my run coaching services here.

Expand My Pilates Practice

I sort of slacked on this during the past month, in the sense that I only did the same few Pilates workouts. Time to change that and find some new videos to try!

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How are you doing on your goals for this week, month, or year?
What races do you have lined up for summer or fall?
When have you had to adapt and adjust your running goals?

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  1. I am posting about my goals tomorrow, but I think I had a pretty good month. I feel like I am sort of in a holding pattern with my races and race times because I havent done longer distances and Im not really “training” for anything specific. But its good to check in on goals to see progress on short term, smaller goals along the way! I think you had a strong month, despite your injury, especially because you have been able to come back from it so quickly!

  2. I am planning to run a july 4th 4 mile race but as usual, I wait to see the weather forecast and what else I have going on. I do want to run it though, I haven’t run it in 4 years! and, the race 4 years ago was my first real race since taking up running as my “thing”. curious to see how I do! as for fall, you know I haven’t decided yet but I hope to get one half or even two in for October!

    1. A 4 mile race would be so fun – and I know that with how fast you’ve been running lately that you will PR! Hopefully it’s not too hot so you can run it.

  3. My goals have been up and down recently. There are quite a few from this year that I’ve already achieved so I think I need to switch it up a bit for the second half of the year.

    1. You’ve had so much good stuff and big life changes in your life and have been knocking goals off you list right and left! I think it’s good mid-year to re-assess goals – lots happens between January and June.

  4. I’m sorry to hear that you won’t be able to do Jack and Jill but I’m glad you’ve found another race to be excited about that will work with your goals also. You have such a positive attitude about switching your goals which is a great example for us all!

    1. Thank you so much Tricia! And now I don’t have to worry about this summer being as hot as last summer – which was a worry in the back of my mind!

  5. As usual, so proud of your positive attitude. And honestly, I’m usually not a superstitious type but a part of me tends to believe things happen for a reason. I think the reason is that CIM is your race. I just have a feeling you are going to do so awesome there and that it’s meant to be. When you first brought it up I got all excited, like, this is totally right!

    Congrats on the coaching stuff, too! Excited to be “one of your athletes” soon!

    1. Thank you Hanna! I’m not a superstitious type too much, but I do tend to find a reason in things (like, not getting the jobs I wanted and turning down a job because of low salary in IN led to Ryan and I moving to Seattle and me starting my coaching business!). I hope you are right and CIM is my race! Super excited about the course, the cold, and the fact that the spectator accommodations are amazing because I hate it when races don’t let Ryan stand along near the finish line.
      I’m excited to have you on as one of my athletes soon!! Yay for 10K training!

  6. You’re a strong person for rolling with the punches. If it were me, I’d be THROWING punches. Your attitude is inspiring, and I’m glad you’re back running again. You’re going to come back fresh and stronger than ever!

    1. Thank you! I’ve never been to Sacramento but I’m sure will be beautiful! Pain in a marathon is inevitable – but just hopefully not too much pain 🙂

  7. good for you girl. i think attitude is the most important thing, and it sounds like yours is in the right place. it’s so easy to let ourselves get down about something or feel like a failure, even when it’s not in our control, but my motto is letting go of a goal is not giving up, and holding onto something and trying to achieve a goal when we can’t or shouldn’t is worse. i’m glad you’ve found another race to work towards though.

    1. Thank you, Kristen! I like your motto a lot and it’s similar to the view I’ve developed over the past few years – goals change and changing your goals doesn’t mean you are a quitter or a failure.

  8. “One of the best parts of life is that our trajectory does not always follow our plans.” Laura, this resonates with me so well. Thank you for this post – it really spoke to me today.

  9. I love your approach to this! I used to get super upset when things didn’t go my way, but the older I got, the more I learned that life has a way of doing its own thing whether we plan for it or not… and that the best thing we can do is make the most of whatever comes our way. I think that’s one of the reasons I don’t make too many long term goals… so many things change!

    1. Thank you, Amanda! I used to be the same way…until I completely changed careers and all my previous goals went out the door! That’s a great point about long term goals – oftentimes we don’t achieve them, not because we quit or fail, but because what we wanted five years ago is different than now!

  10. You nailed it! Wise words- it’s so true that we cannot always be pushing hard, and the journey is part of what makes the highs really high. It takes a few experiences to gain that perspective. I remember twisting my ankle a week before the Philly marathon on what was still the best marathon training cycle of my life, right before getting pregnant with baby #2 and pulling out of the race- the worst!! But life happens and all you can do is roll with it. Your plans to hike and then run CIM sound perfect! Congrats on growing your coaching business, too! I’ll keep you in mind as a referral, I don’t plan to take on any more fall clients at this point so if you have room for more, let me know.

    1. Thank you so much, Laura! I really like what you said – the journey is what makes the highs so high. That’s rough that you had to pull out of Philly, but I know also from your blog you’ve had so many strong races and training cycles since then!
      That is so generous of you to offer to refer me! I would love that and greatly appreciate it. I am still taking fall clients and have room for quite a few more. Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you Jes! Most of all my goal is to run a smart and healthy race, so I hope you’re right 🙂 And my foot and ankle are feeling better, slowly but surely – so thank you! Hope you’re doing well xoxo

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