California International Marathon Training Week 13

California International Marathon Training Week 13

Happy Halloween! 

Another 50 mile week is in the books, and I am this close to the sharpening phase of training for CIM. I still feel good overall and am confident in my training, but I am also feeling the fatigue and am getting a bit eager for the taper in a few weeks. 

I am loving marathon training during this time of year: the dark mornings and sunrises, the crisp temperatures that are perfect for long sleeves and shorts on most runs, and the fall foliage that makes every mile more beautiful. 

California International Marathon Training Week 13

Monday: 10 mile easy run

I ran 9 miles on my own (with the last two at a moderate effort) and 1 mile with Charlie. Ryan has been running Ollie a few times a week, but poor Charlie hasn’t done much running in a few weeks. He was so happy to get out and run, even if just for a mile! 

Also, the sunrise was stellar this morning (see the photo above!). Any hill is worth the climb to see the sun rising over the mountains. 

Tuesday: AM: 7 miles easy; PM: 25 minutes strength training 

I know that the miles are piling up when my easy runs are at a much, much slower pace than they were even just a few weeks ago. It can be disheartening – training hard to run faster yet seeing slower paces – so I just try to trust in the slow work of training. The goal here isn’t fast easy runs – and those slower miles are a sign that I am putting in the hard work where it needs to be. 

California International Marathon Training Week 13

Wednesday: 9 miles with 8 x 4 minutes at 10K pace

I opted for a fartlek version of 1K repeats when it started pouring rain as I drove to my preferred speedwork trail. 4 minutes isn’t quite exactly 1K (I think I ran 0.55-0.57 for the repeats) but it was close enough and mentally easier in the rain. Out of every type of workout, fartleks/intervals are the most difficult for me to run in the rain. I worry about slipping on wet leaves or puddles, and something about focusing on time and effort rather than distance and pace made me relax a bit more. 

10K pace feels hard in the middle of marathon training, but served as a good sprinkle of speed into my training. I didn’t quite hit what would technically be my 10K pace (based off of Jack Daniel’s VDOT calculator), but the effort was appropriate and 5 seconds per mile off is close enough, especially in the wind and pouring rain. 

California International Marathon Training Week 13

Afterwards, I took a cue from this month’s workout round up and spent time stretching and foam rolling. 

Thursday: 25 minutes Pilates 

When I have a rest day during the work week, it’s a combination of rest from running/check off big items on my to-do list for the week. I woke up early for a quick magic circle Pilatesology workout and then spent the rest of the day writing out training plans for my athletes for the new month. 

Friday: 17 mile moderate long run

I warmed up with easy running for two miles, ran 14 miles at 10-20 seconds per mile slower than goal marathon pace, and then cooled down for one mile, all on rolling hills. I’m preferring rolling hills more and more for my runs, except for hard and fast workouts or runs where I don’t want to deal with any traffic crossings. The pace for this run was comfortable and sustainable and actually required a bit of holding back even near the end – which was the purpose of this run. Not all good workouts should be completely draining. 

California International Marathon Training Week 13

This workout came straight from Brad Hudson’s Run Faster from the 5K to Marathon. Unlike the demanding marathon pace long runs found in plans like Pfitzinger, this workout was done just slower than goal pace, which makes it a bit more manageable during the peak weeks of marathon training. The workout made me focus on controlling my pace, holding back my effort, and getting mentally comfortable with a sustained effort – all important for the marathon! 

Saturday: 4 mile easy run

Ryan and I ran 4 easy miles on a flat, flat, flat route – after doing my long run on rolling hills, my legs needed a break. It rained the entire time that we ran, but the miles pass more quickly with company. I notice my easy pace is faster but at the same effort when I run with Ryan, because my mind isn’t focused on each step. 

Sunday: 3 mile easy run

We accidentally slept in (it’s so dark in the mornings!) and the chance of rain increased with each hour of the day, so we decided not to hike. We’re in the mood for a long 8-10 mile hike, not a short, rushed, crowded hike. 

Instead, Ryan and I took Ollie and Charlie on a short and hilly run. Ryan has been working on his speed and is getting so fast – and so is Ollie! Charlie and I could barely keep up with them. 

California International Marathon Training Week 13

After our fun family run, we took a drive through the mountains to see the fall scenery without having to brave the rain. Ollie adores car rides and Charlie will actually snuggle with him in the car. 

California International Marathon Training Week 13

Also that’s pretty much how I feel right now. 5 more weeks to go! 


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I am also guest posting over at Running on Happy today (congrats to Rachel on running the Marine Corps Marathon!) so be sure to head over and check out the recipe I am sharing for Meatless Monday! 

Linking up with Weekly Wrap! 

How was your week in running?
What’s your favorite time of year to train for a race?
Are you dressing up for Halloween? 

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16 Responses

  1. I love fall marathon training! But the dark mornings get to me. I will be happy when we have some more light in the mornings next week! Great job with your training- the taper will be here before you know it!

  2. OMG I absolutely love that last picture!!! Too cute! I also love how you took a “family” run with the dogs – awesome!!

    You are doing so much great work out there and I like how you kept your long run pace below your goal pace – smart!! You are going to have a great race Laura and I cannot wait to read all about it.

    Keep up the stretching too – it will only help with recovery 🙂

  3. Unicorn Onesie 😀 It lives on. Another really great week of training! Good, solid miles, and you are so right–the paces are showing that you are putting in the work where it is necessary. I had a good week of running as well, but my food/ankle is a little achy, which of course automatically makes me question if I did too much. I’m so paranoid!

  4. The darkness is horrible! I’ve been at my parents house for the past few days and it’s even worse. I think it’s almost 8 a.m. Before it’s light. Yuck!! I’m glad you felt inspired after last weeks yoga and stretching topic of the month! ??

  5. Whoa that 17 miler was no joke! And you probably needed the extra sleep on Sunday. I kinda love having those days where I accidentally sleep in, even though I feel all panicky, it feels good knowing that my body got what i t needed. You’re getting so close to marathon day! You’re doing so well!

  6. You are getting so close to taper time- so exciting! I remember that feeling of accumulating fatigue well. But to cap off the week with a 17 miler like that shows you are right where you should be!

  7. My favorite time to train for races is winter, for several reasons. First, it’s the least busy time of the year, so I’m able to focus more fully on training without the stress of juggling it with a busy schedule. Second, the structure of training and all the exercise helps ease the seasonal blues and the listless monotony of winter; and finally, I love to run in cold weather, I can go so much faster. Running in fall is nice but to be honest, I’d rather be able to relax and enjoy the season than try to train hard through it.

    Great week! I can’t believe it’s almost race day/December!

    1. I love training this time of year also to beat the seasonal blues – that’s why December through March races are my current favorite. You can’t beat the cool weather!

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