March in Review: Spring Forward

March in Review: Spring Forward

March was a month of highs and lows in running: a half marathon PR and a diagnosis of mild plantar fasciitis. But that’s running – ups and downs, just like a good hill run. With the end of March also comes the end of my winter goals and time to reassess and new goals for spring! 

March in Review: Spring Forward

Winter 2017 Goals

PR in the Half Marathon

Accomplished! I didn’t break 1:38, as I hoped, but my time of a 1:38:13 was still almost a 30 second PR and I gave my best for that race. 

March in Review: Spring Forward

Strength Train 2-3 Times Per Week 

I got back into the practice of this after the half marathon at the start of March. Right now, I am really enjoying a routine of one day weight training, one day Pilates, and one day resistance band training. What’s made a huge difference for me is that Ryan has gotten back into strength training as well, so I have a gym buddy. I can run all the miles by myself (although I do enjoy runs with company!) but the motivation of a workout buddy makes all the difference for me in strength training. 

Do Hill Sprints Once Per Week

Nope, didn’t happen – and moving on! Maybe some day I will add these in, but I know that it will probably have to be during summer, not winter when it’s cold and slippery from all the rain.

Run with Ryan Twice per Week

This goal has become a habit – which was its purpose! Ryan and I now run together every Thursday and Saturday and have settled into the same pace on those day – Thursday as a recovery run, Saturday as an easy run for me/long run for him. It works for both of us to do our speed work on separate days, and then we each have a day of running Ollie. 

Maintain a Better Training Log

I didn’t spend as much time on this in March, since I was running less, but I feel like I have a solid habit of it now (except right strength training down in my Strava log….ooops!). I want to maintain this habit, but it won’t be a goal anymore since I have already cultivated the habit – and we can all agree that maintaining a current habit is much easier than developing a new one. 

March in Review: Spring Forward

Spring 2017 Goals

Alleviate Plantar Fasciitis

I have a mild case of plantar fasciitis – mild enough that I can keep running, but I want to be proactive in treating it so that it is cured. I’ve read too many horror stories about it turning into a lingering injury! My plan is simple, but my goal is to be consistent by doing these steps every single day through the spring or until the tight feel does not recur for a full two weeks. 

  • Ice for 20 minutes, three times per day, including after every workout. 
  • Stretch my calves after waking, running, and sitting, and do a dynamic warm-up before each run.
  • Release my feet, including rolling with a PF ball and using this technique.
  • Wear supportive shoes, even indoors! 
  • Strengthen my arches. 

Run a Sub-45 Minute 10K

Of course, this goal hinges on how well I do at the above goal. Since I don’t feel the PF when I run, even in hard workouts, I am hoping that treatment will prevent it from getting worse. I am staying conservative in my running, so I will probably only do one hard workout and one moderate/longer run per week in building up for the 10K. 

An official PR would be anything over 50:15 since I last raced a 10K three years ago. Based on my half marathon time and recent workouts, I think 44-46 minutes is a realistic range – and I really, really want to break 45 minutes.  

Strength Train 2-3 Times per Week

I need to continue this as a goal because anyone who reads this blog knows how easy it is for me to fall off the habit of consistent strength training. With backpacking and hiking season beginning in a couple months, it’s essential to build up that base of strength now. 

March in Review: Spring Forward

Maintain a Base Mileage of 30-35 Miles Per Week

 35-40 miles per week is my current sweet spot in running, but I need to be more conservative in my volume as I rehab my PF. 30-35 feels like an appropriate range; high enough to maintain a good aerobic base but lower than I averaged for most of the past few months (except recovery week).

I want to spend more time in the 45-55 mile range during marathon training this fall. I do best in building up mileage during training when I already have a high base of mileage. A good base of mileage (for me) also improves aerobic fitness for hiking season. Those 10 mile hikes aren’t easy! 

What goals are you working towards right now? 
What are you most looking forward to this spring?


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16 Responses

  1. As you know, I’m in no-man’s land right now with regards to training, so I would just like to keep a balance and not JUST run (while I can) I got a reminder last week when my hamstring flared, so I need to keep that in mind!

  2. But…but…there are still 3 days left! 😛

    I hope your PF clears up quickly and I’m glad you have developed your new habits so well!

    Random question since you mentioned marathon training: so are you planning to do back to back marathon trainings: a fall marathon, and then starting Boston 18 training in December?

    1. Thank you! I am seriously leaning towards not running Boston in 2018. It’s a long haul and expensive trip from Seattle and we have other big trips we want to do – England/Scotland, Banff in Canada – that mean more to me than Boston. So we’ll see. It will be there other years and hopefully I qualify again. For me, the great allure was in qualifying and pushing myself to run a time I knew I was capable of. And I can’t say no to doing CIM again…it is such a great race and then we can go to Yosemite or Tahoe!

        1. My thoughts exactly! Or maybe run it in a better corral. You should definitely do CIM – it’s such a great race and then the proximity to Yosemite is unbeatable!

  3. Breaking 45 min for 10K is definitely doable. You know all this, of course, but you gotta spend as much time as possible in that “holy crap I’m going to die and poop my pants” zone. Track work once a week for sure.

  4. One thing that I love to do to strengthen my feet is put a towel on the floor and use my toes to grab it. Helps with strength and yucky PF 🙂
    Love your goals and you will achieve them for sure! You have such a postive attitude! 🙂

  5. This all sounds great and like you have a good focus! I love it! Have you ever talked to a physical therapist that is certified in ASTYM for your plantar fasciitis? Being a runner and a therapist that is certified in ASTYM I can certainly say that it truly works wonders!

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