Mile Markers: Easter Week

Mile Markers: Easter Week

Happy Easter! This week marks the approximate halfway point of half marathon training, so I took a cutback week. It was also Holy Week, meaning a busier week followed by lots of good food and drink on Sunday for Easter. As a whole, this was a relaxing week – exactly what I needed. 

Mile Markers: Easter Week

Monday: 8 mile progression run & strength training

I took Ollie on a progression run with me. As a man we see frequently on the trails described him before our run, you could see the energy in Ollie’s eyes. We gained about 300 feet of elevation and picked up the last two miles to marathon pace. I was reaching for my phone after the run when I felt Ollie tug on the leash.. and looked over to see him about to chomp down on a giant piece of goose poo. A quick reprimand prevented him from actually consuming it, but goodness, dogs are gross. 

Mile Markers: Easter Week

My motivation was not high in the evening, but discipline overcomes low motivation. I set the goal to strength train for the duration of Ryan’s 3 mile run – about 25 minutes – and did exactly that. I completed three sets of negative pull-ups, kettlebell exercises, and some core/mobility exercises. 

Tuesday: 6 mile easy run

I divided this run into two parts. The first three miles were on flat terrain with Charlie and included several puggle potty breaks. Before I left, I had harnessed up Ollie, so I quickly switched dogs and completed the second three miles on hills with Ollie. 

Wednesday: 3 x 2 miles at half marathon pace (10 miles total)

A new route can do wonders in a training cycle. I’ve really enjoyed a new-to-me route for my tempo runs recently: it’s about a 2km road loop, so it’s mentally easy to break up into loops for a tempo run. The change of scenery is pleasant and the tight turn at one end of the loop allows me to practice maintaining pace through 180-turns – which is exactly what I will have to do on race day. 

Mile Markers: Easter Week

This run was another strong tempo run in the books. I finished feeling strong and like I could keep going at that pace, which is exactly how it should feel – tempo runs aren’t time trials. I ran the 2-mile repeats all around 7:15/mile, with the final mile at 7:10.  

Thursday: Pilates

A good mat session is always satisfying. Since I did not do a second strength workout this week, I picked a more intense workout with the magic circle, which intensifies the workout by adding resistance to the arms or legs. Charlie approved of the more laidback nature of this day.

Mile Markers: Easter Week


Friday: 3.3 mile trail run

I met up with a friend and coaching client for a trail run. Ollie came along because Ollie loves the trails and I love it when he’s a tired, calm dog for the rest of the day. We did about 3.3 miles along the trails of a local state park and had a really fun time. 

Saturday: 4 mile run

Ryan and I were both feeling a bit sluggish so we kept this run short and easy. My legs finally loosened up by the end of the run,

Sunday: Rest day

This year, we really indulged for Easter. I baked a quiche and cinnamon rolls for brunch after Mass, because Easter brunch is like Thanksgiving – it’s all about the good food and drink. 

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14 Responses

  1. What is it with goose poop and dogs?!?! Well, really any poop. So gross! Another solid week of training for you. So glad you got out on the trails. Ours are nothing but mud right now…can’t wait to lose a shoe! 😉

  2. I’m loving that picture of Charlie!!! OMG the cuteness! And yes, Star used to try and eat goose poop all the time. So gross.
    I tried a new loop for my long run this past weekend and it was everything you said – so funny how a change of scenery can make a huge difference!
    And I indulged at Easter as well with a fabulous brunch that someone else cooked!! Glad you had a restful, joyful week and now, less than halfway to the half!

  3. I was just going to echo Angela’s comment about dogs and poop–Cocoa seems to enjoy eating the possum poop in our backyard. She also perfumes herself in it. Gaaaaak!

    I felt the way about running on the track that you did on that new loop you found. It’s so nice to mix it up with new surface or scenery, isn’t it? Love that you are training yourself for the 180 degree turn–I always want to crush it but I just go.

    Have a great week and as always, thanks for linking up!

    1. Ewww! Charlie did that once with either possum poo or a dead possum. Needless to say, he immediately had a bath. A new surface is always a fun way to mix up training! Thank you for hosting!

  4. Loved reading about your run with Ollie! I am sure he had fun. It feels good to take a cutback week in the middle of training, and the week before Easter is the prefect time to do it. Your training is going so well! Your half is gonna be great!

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