Mile Markers: Humidity Rising

Mile Markers: Humidity Rising

I can tolerate running in the rain or cold, but high humidity combined with warmer temperatures always poses a mental and physical challenge for me. Even though summers in Seattle are relatively mild, most of my running routes go along rivers or through wetlands, with higher humidity in the early mornings of summer. 

All of this week’s runs were done through high humidity. I’d still always run early through humidity than later in warmer temperatures, especially with the beautiful early mornings out here. Most of my runs this week averaged in the 8:30-8:50s, but let me tell you – it either felt like I should have been going faster than than, or I finished the runs so sweaty that it looked like I had gone swimming.

Mile Markers: Humidity Rising

Monday: Rest day

After a full week with no rest, the holiday brought the perfect opportunity to sleep in and rest. Ryan and I went to downtown Seattle for some Memorial Day shopping at Patagonia and REI, followed by a long walk with the dogs. 

 Tuesday: 7 mile run and core work

Ollie joined me for the entire 7 miles and seemed like his normal self, but after the run he started to cough up mucus. I panicked and called our vet. We were able to get him in for an appointment that afternoon, and the vet diagnosed a respiratory infection and prescribed some antibiotics and rest. 

You try to tell a not-quite 2 year-old cattle dog mix to rest, especially one who has been accustomed to running 20-25 miles per week. Ollie did get to run at all for the remainder of the week, which by week resulted in him having far too much energy yet still fatiguing easily. 

Wednesday: 7 mile run and 30 minutes Pilates

I ran 3 quick miles before Ryan and Charlie joined me for another 4. I’m really enjoying both the company on these run and getting my runs done before the work day begins- especially with the summer weather. Ollie didn’t even want to run, which was just pitiful – the poor pup clearly did not feel well. 

Mile Markers: Humidity Rising

Thursday: 4 mile run and 20 minutes strength training

Another humid morning! The first mile of this run felt like a slog, but in the second half Ryan and I were able to pick up the pace a bit. 

By the end of the work day, I didn’t want to strength train, so I compromised with a shorter, harder workout:

2 x 10 kettlebell orbits
2 x 10 kettlebell halos
2 x 10 kettlebell figure-8s
2 x 10 reverse lunges with overhead press
2 x 15 kettlebell swings
2 x 10 kettlebell goblet squats
2 x 10 stability ball pikes
2 x 12 hamstring ball curls

Mile Markers: Humidity Rising

Friday: 4 mile easy run

Even though Ollie’s energy had returned in full, he was still coughing a bit – which meant no running still. Ryan and I took Charlie out for a run, and we could actually hear Ollie crying desperately from his crate, clearly upset about missing out on a run. We actually had to place a Febreeze bottle (every dog has a random household object that terrifies them for no reason) outside of his crate for a panopticon effect so that he wouldn’t wake up the entire building with his crying at an early hour.

Meanwhile, Charlie got a case of the runs on our run. We probably spent at least 5 minutes stopped for puggle potty breaks – including one where he threw on the breaks on the boardwalk and nearly tripped both Ryan and me into the bog. 

Mile Markers: Humidity Rising

Saturday: 8 mile run 

The route we’ve been using for a weekend runs naturally lends to a negative split: lots of climbing over the first 5 miles, followed by 3 miles of a gradual downhill. Our splits during the first half were in the 9:00-9:30/mile range, but we finished strong at a 7:45/mile. Runs like these make me really excited for fall marathon training. 

We had dinner that night at one of our favorite local spots, Beardslee Public House, and the meal did not disappoint. I had a gin from their distillery, which just may be better than even my beloved Hendrick’s gin, and a guacamole turkey burger. I think all of the humid runs this week left me craving salt. We also split a jalapeno hummus and enjoyed an after dinner beer. I left feeling full but so satisfied – I love a good hearty burger. 

Mile Markers: Humidity Rising

Sunday: 7 mile hike

Our goal for this week’s hike was to find a trail that was relatively flat, not very crowded, and scenic. Ollie still needs training on how to hike, which eliminated anything with ledges, boulder fields, or difficult water crossings. We picked a random hike near Mountain Loop Highway and ended up really enjoying it. Except the moment when Ollie almost ate a snake.

Mile Markers: Humidity Rising

We hiked for 7 miles with minimal elevation gain – around 700 feet total – on a soft, wide trail. The scenery is truly PNW-esque, with mossy towering trees and large ferns. The hike brought us down to the shore of a river, where we enjoyed a quick lunch. 

Mile Markers: Humidity Rising

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Do you prefer summer running or winter running?
How was your week in running?


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25 Responses

  1. The “I look like I just took a shower” run is what I’ve been craving. The weather here feels more fall like than summer which is really disappointing with my return to running. I know it’s coming but come on! It’s June!! Hope Ollie kicks his infection and is back up and running soon. For everyone’s sake! 🙂

    1. Thank you! He’s doing much better but still not quite ready to run… although he needs to be ready to run soon, as his energy is back! I hope you’re able to get in a good summer run soon!

  2. I prefer summer running but the humidity is rough. Its so funny that it seems like lately our weather has switched- usually we have the humidity and you have the rain! It was a little humid here this weekend but not terrible because the temperatures were still pretty cool (for what they usually are this time of year). Now it looks like we are back to more rain this week…

    1. Usually summer is our dry season – I don’t remember last summer being this humid! Thankfully it passed and the weather is back to normal, I hope yours does the same as well soon!

  3. We have yet to feel any real humidity here and I’m so grateful – it is the worst!! And that is too sad about your “muggle potty breaks” but I guess better him than one of you, right? 🙂
    Love the hiking shot with Ollie and his pack!! And that burger and fries? OMG!!!

    1. If Charlie has taught us one thing about running with dogs, it’s to always bring bags! That’s great that you are enjoying no significant humidity so far – hopefully that lasts!

  4. I was born and raised in humidity–I know how to handle it. Cold… not so much! Also, I’m a pansy about ice… But extremes are never good, either way. It was hot yesterday–legit hot, and it felt like it came from nowhere and I wasn’t ready. i need to acclimate!

    1. I was born and raised in the humidity also – St. Louis is HUMID thanks to the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers – but I can’t handle it. It’s harder though since living out here!

  5. My week in running was good. I only had one 100% humidity run, thankfully! The rest were more like 80-90% humidity. There is a difference… there is even a difference in 95% and 100%. I honestly can’t complain about the weather because I am having my best few weeks of training all year despite the weather, even if my paces aren’t as fast as I’d like them (I don’t have any goal races coming up because it’s summer, so no biggie). Glad you guys enjoyed some hiking and burgers as well.

      1. It is, but I live in the South- and heat and humidity are part of the deal here. The only options are to train in it, or… don’t train. I guess you could treadmill all summer, but what fun is that? It’s just like how other areas have snow in the winter or hills. We don’t have either of those to deal with. Winters here are perfect for running and it’s flat as a pancake- but it’s humid from May-September.

  6. I used to get so whiny about humidity, but I’ve learned that I will take humidity over blazing sun ANY day, even if the blazing sun comes with slightly cooler temps. I just can’t with the sun, it is my running nemesis and one way ticket to bonkville. It is always humid in the early mornings here this time of year, but I’m trying to appreciate that adapting to sucky conditions now will make fall running a breeze!

  7. Great post! Loved all your gorgeous pictures and the Kettle Bell workout. Strength training is my biggest struggle, so I’m always on the lookout for a fun new workout.

  8. I love the heat! I’m not sure why, but my body handles it quite well. I hope Ollie feels better. Poor doggy. You had a great week of training, albeit sweaty!

    1. That’s good! And thank you! Ollie is finally feeling better and back to running – once he started chewing on everything in sight, we knew his energy was back to normal.

  9. That hike looks gorgeous! Great job powering through the humid running, too. Run some for me this month! I love summer running, but I agree, the humidity makes it really challenging.

  10. Sounds like you had quite the week with your pups!! Hope everyone is feeling better!!

    Hard for me to say if I enjoy summer or winter running more, as they both have pros & cons. How about spring running?! Especially in Seattle!! Spring running in Seattle is typically pretty superb. 🙂

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