Mile Markers: Lake Sammamish Half Marathon Training Week 6

Mile Markers: Lake Sammamish Half Marathon Training Week 6

Hi, everyone! How was your weekend?

Ryan and I arrived back from London on Wednesday night. Since most of this week was spent traveling, I cut back my mileage a bit this past week. This week training served as a cutback week, which I had planned for when I developed this training plan. Next week finally brings my weekly volume up to 40+ miles!

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Mile Markers: Lake Sammamish Half Marathon Training Week 6

Lake Sammamish Half Marathon Training Week 6

Monday: 10 miles of walking

We explored all over London as we walked from our hotel near Saint Paul’s Cathedral to the British Museum, all around the museum (the open exhibitions span for over 2 miles), and then down through Saint James’s Park and around Buckingham Palace and back. If we had time to run, I would have loved to run in Saint James’s Park! 

We continued to struggle with jet leg due to the eight hour time difference, so taking time off from running helped me rest and enjoy the trip. Running will always be there, but it’s not often that we visit one of the most culturally and historically rich cities in Europe. 

Mile Markers: Lake Sammamish Half Marathon Training Week 6

Tuesday: 7 miles of walking + climbing St. Paul’s Cathedral steps

We visited Canterbury and toured the town and the cathedral. Once we returned to London, we toured St. Paul’s and climbed up roughly 300-400 steps to reach the very top of the dome. My legs were actually shaking by the time we returned to the bottom level. I considered going for a run on the treadmill, but skipped out when the hotel gym was full and it was already time to go out for our last dinner in London. 

Wednesday: 4 miles with 3 miles at half marathon pace (7:35/mile)

Since we were faced with an hour long train ride to Heathrow, a ten hour flight to Seattle, and then an hour-plus drive from SeaTac to Bothell, I wanted to squeeze in a quick treadmill run before we left. After warming up for half a mile, I ran a three mile progressive tempo, starting at 7:40/mile, increasing my pace every five minutes, and ending at at a 7:25/mile pace. 

Thursday: 7 mile treadmill run, 9:03/mile

After finally having a good night’s sleep, I was ready to run again on Thursday. The rain fall was heavy for Seattle (despite the reputation, most Seattle rain is usually only a constant and light drizzle), so I stuck to the treadmill. I kept my pace easy and added a small hill (3%) during the last tenth of every mile.

I intended to do Pilates, but my mind was still in vacation mode, so instead I baked homemade naan and butter chicken for our dinner before falling asleep early because of some lingering jet lag.

Friday: 10 mile fartlek and progression run, 8:05/mile

My long run cut back on mileage but added some challenging portions. To add to the harder effort of this run, it was rather windy outside with 16 mph winds and 25+ mph gusts (not that I should complain, as it was a wind chill of 40 with sunny skies).

My plan called for 2 miles easy, 4 miles repeating 1 minute at 10K to tempo effort and 1 minute easy, 2 miles easy, and 2 miles hard, a workout which I took directly from Hudson’s Run Faster from the 5K to Marathon level 2 half marathon plan. The winds made this run quite challenging (I was in a headwind for miles 2-5 and then again for 8.5-10) but the run went by fast and my splits were consistent (8:36, 8:34, 7:51, 8:05, 8:05, 7:41, 8:35, 8:36, 7:23, 7:26). 

Mile Markers: Lake Sammamish Half Marathon Training Week 6

Saturday: 4 mile treadmill recovery run, 9:19/mile

Ryan and I initially planned on trying trail running together this weekend, but both of us were feeling slightly under the weather, probably due to two 10 hour flights and the higher pollution levels in London. I did a short and slow run on the treadmill since it was still raining, and then once the rain cleared the three of us headed to a nearby trail for a walk.

Mile Markers: Lake Sammamish Half Marathon Training Week 6

Sunday: Rest

Again, we planned on going on a run, but still felt slightly under the weather so we decided on taking a rest day. It’s always better to rest up, especially because I didn’t want to miss any of the key workouts I have coming up next week. It’s unfortunate, though, because it was a beautiful 50 degrees and sunny outside! 

Run: 25 miles | Walk: 17 miles | 0 Supplementary Workouts

My mileage not high this week, but honestly, I don’t really care. This week was an exception and I would never trade the opportunity to travel for a perfect training cycle. My mileage will increase over the next several weeks. I fixated on mileage even over the summer when I trained for my marathon, but now I’m focused on the consistency of training, the quality of my runs, and the balance of running and life. While mileage does matter, it is an means to an end, not the goal of training. 

Do you fixate on your weekly mileage during training?
How was your weekend? Did it snow where you live?

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24 Responses

  1. Schools closed. Grocery stores cleaned out. Ready for snowpocalypse. We had zero snow! Not a single flake. How does that happen? Haha!

    I can’t believe you’re already on week 6 of training.

  2. You were smart to plan a cutback week while on vacation! Even if you didn’t run as many miles all the walking counts for something too, and you had a wonderful experience in London.

  3. I have gotten more flexible with my mileage during training. I definitely think the quality and consistency are more important! We got plenty of snow here, but now I am hearing it may be 50 degrees next weekend…fingers crossed!

    1. Quality and consistency really are key! I think I learned during Hansons that more miles does not always equal better training. I hope you get up to 50 degrees soon! It’s been that temperature in Seattle and it is glorious.

  4. Great perspective on taking a rest day and lower mileage for you this past week! Traveling to London is a big deal and I’m sure planning accordingly with your running helped you to really enjoy the experience. No snow for us this weekend which is a nice change of pace for us, ha! I hope your week is off to a great start, Laura!

  5. I hope you’re able to fight off that jet leg and under-the-weather feeling for this week! Great job getting those runs in. I love that you made butter chicken (Indian is my fave) but I am DYING to know how you made the naan. DYING.

    1. I think the nine hours of sleep last night finally did it! I used this recipe for the naan: and it turned out so delicious and was really simple to make. The combination of baking powder and yeast gives it a great rise and cooking it over the stove top means it’s ready in just a few minutes. I think I used half whole wheat and half regular, and I skipped the garlic butter part because, well, I forgot, but it was so good even without that.

  6. I’m obsessed with my mileage during training, but mostly in terms of getting in all my runs. I’m kind of freaking out because I have to do my long run tomorrow (half marathon is 2/20) instead of Saturday since I’m (gulp) competing.

    1. Consistency is definitely key to strong training! You can definitely do your long run tomorrow – once that first mid-week long run is done they become so much easier, and you feel awesome all day for running long before most people wake up!

  7. It sounds like you had a truly incredible experience. I’m really excited to hear how you enjoyed your stay. I actually grew up over there! I think with everything you had going on, your mileage is awesome. We all need the down weeks to get to the up weeks. Good luck this week!

  8. I’ve never been to London but it’s on the list!! I’ll have to ask you for more details later on 😉
    It snowed a good 15 inches where we are. Manageable, but now it’s impeding on my work day haha.

    1. It’s definitely worth visiting! There’s so much to do there that we could have spent another week. 15 inches of snow is a lot – I’m pretty sure all of Seattle would shut down if that much fell here!

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