Mile Markers: Return to Routine

Mile Markers: Return to Routine

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? 

After a recovery week following the Lake Sammamish Half Marathon, this week eased back into normal running. My goal in the weeks leading up to the start of marathon training in mid-April is to incorporate more strength training, fartlek runs, and a long run each week without piling on too much intensity. 

Amidst the record-breaking rain showers, spring is peaking through in Seattle. The cherry blossoms have bloomed, the temperatures are in the 50s, and the days when the sun does appear are nothing but glorious. 

Mile Markers: Return to Routine

Monday: 5 mile fartlek run 

After Sunday’s windstorm the gusts were still strong on Monday morning, so I opted for the treadmill. I kicked my butt with Allie’s speed workout. With my recent half marathon PR, the Jack Daniels calculator estimates my equivalent 5K pace at 6:55/mile (what?!), so I alternated between 8.6 and 8.7 mph for the hard intervals. The first 8 intervals felt great. The last 2 left my legs and lungs burning. 

Tuesday: AM: 6 mile easy run; PM: 20 minutes strength training

This was my first run in my new Saucony Kinvaras and it was love at first run. They have more cushion than my PureConnects (even though they’re roughly equal heel height and drop), but the cushion translates to better spring and energy return. I supinate and have to make an intentional effort to push off with my big toe, and these shoes felt even more neutral than my Brooks Pure Flows. 

Mile Markers: Return to Routine

For strength training I did some light plyos and mobility workout and Lisa’s upper body runners workout

Wednesday: AM: 7 mile easy run; PM: 35 minute Pilatesology magic circle workout

Sunshine! Maybe it’s because this time of year we have more grey skies than blue, but a sunny day in Seattle makes for an amazing run. I did my 7 miles through the wine valley and loved every minute of it.

Mile Markers: Return to Routine

My Pilates workout was appropriately titled “ring of fire.” That single little circle can turn already challenging Pilates moves into a intense strength workout, especially all of the inversions. 

Thursday: 3 mile hill run and 20 minute kettlebell workout

Charlie and I headed out for 3 very easy miles along the small stretch of straight uphill running near our apartment. I only like to do this route for short runs, since it’s 3/4 mile stretch of uphill sidewalk that I have to run up and down and doing the same small out-and-back over and over again drives me crazy. Still, it’s not always worth it to drive just to run such a short distance, especially with the hassle of taking that crazy puggle on a car ride.

Mile Markers: Return to Routine

I followed up the run with this kettlebell workout and added in some lunges as well. Ooof. Hills and kettlebell means sore legs. 

Friday: AM: 10 mile progression run; PM: 40 minute walk 

I treated myself with a morning trip down to Lake Sammamish to run along the trail again for my long run. The sun was shining and the skies were clear (what? no rain?) which meant that Mt. Rainier was spectacularly visible. 10 miles flew by with this view, even though a strong wind came off the lake. I kept the pace easy for the first 8 miles – that kettlebell workout made me sore – and threw in a 2 mile progression at the end for an average pace of 8:19/mile. 

Mile Markers: Return to Routine

After work, Ryan ran along the lake and Charlie and I went for a walk around Marymoor Park. After Ryan’s run, we all headed over to the off-leash dog park for some puppy playtime. When there’s clear and warm spring day in Seattle, you take advantage of it with as much outside time as possible.

Saturday: 6 mile hike, 1300 foot elevation gain

Several months had passed since we hiked more than 4 miles due to snow, so we decided to ease back into spring hiking with an easier hike. We previously hiked Lake Twenty-Two on Fourth of July this summer, and it was absolutely stunning with all of the snow. About half of the hike was on clear ground, and then other half through slushy snow. We pulled out our microspikes for better traction, but it was still great not to sink into the snow every few steps.

Mile Markers: Return to Routine

As fun as winter hiking has been, Ryan and I are both eager for the trails to clear so we can start backpacking! 

Sunday: Rest

Lazy day. Ryan and I spent most of the day after church working (that’s start up entrepreneurship for you) with a short excursion to REI. Spring in Seattle is such different weather than I was used to in the Midwest (as in, spring jumped from 30 degree temperatures to 60 degree temperature with maybe two pleasant days) that I find each season I need to modify my running wardrobe. 

How was your weekend? Did anyone race?
What workout kicked your butt recently?
Has spring arrived where you live?




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14 Responses

  1. What a week!! So glad you did the workout and yes – those last few can really get the legs and lungs burning!! That hike looks absolutely amazing and must have felt good on your legs – flush everything out 🙂
    I hope Spring stays with you – we’re back to having winter here with snow today. Seriously.

    1. Thank you! The hike did feel amazing – flushed out all the soreness from the previous couple days. I can’t believe you’re having snow! Hopefully spring comes your way soon 🙂

  2. i am pretty sure I push off with my big toe simply because that’s the area of my shoes that burn out the quickest lol. I don’t really know for sure though, just my guess. I am so glad you like the new shoes! such a good feeling

    1. That’s a very good thing that you push off with your big toe! It means you’re activating your glutes properly. Oh and new shoes are suchhhh a good feeling that I wonder why I go so long in between haha

  3. I raced a 5K this weekend (if you can call it raced, it was such a small field), then did a long run on Sunday. As far as workouts go, the last butt-kicking workout I did last week was a bunch of treadmill mile repeats.

    It looks like you had a wonderful week back at training post half marathon too. Your new shoes look awesome- I’ve heard good things about the Kinvara so I hope you like them (you should review them once you have some more miles on them). They’re bright and fun and of course, it’s great that they are working for your feet and training.

    1. Ooof, treadmill mile repeats are always hard! And thanks on the shoes – I love the colors also and they feel better and better each run. Definitely a very neutral shoe, which I like – and it’s surprising how some of my other neutral shoes still have some pronation control in comparison. They kind of remind me of the Merrell trail shoes I used to run in but with more cushion (which is good).

  4. You know that I love seeing you in Saucony! 🙂 I’m eager to pick up hiking again. Winter decided to return over the weekend. Of course, all of our winter gear is packed away too. Fingers crossed we get out next week!

    1. I’m loving Saucony! 🙂 Hopefully you can get in some hiking next weekend with good weather! Spring should be here soon, right? Although it’s a bit sad to see the snow melt in the mountains, it’s about time for some longer hikes 🙂

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