Achieve Your Running Goals in 2017: Top Posts from 2016

Achieve Your Running Goals in 2017: 25 Top Running Posts from 2016

With 2016 shortly concluding, many of us are already thinking ahead to 2017 running goals. You know that I’m a firm believer in having actionable plans, so why not start planning now? Maybe you want to start running, run faster, finally stop the injury cycle, or run a strong marathon – today I’m sharing my top posts from 2016 that will help you achieve your running goals in 2017. 

Achieve Your Running Goals in 2017: 25 Top Running Posts from 2016

Run Your First or Fastest Marathon or Half Marathon

How to Run a Sub 1:45 Half Marathon

13 Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your Half Marathon

Mental Strategies for Racing Your Next PR

How to Pace Your Fastest Half Marathon

Mistakes I Made in My First Marathon (and How You Can Avoid Them)

Eat Healthier & Fuel Better

Whole30 for Runners: Why This Running Coach Doesn’t Recommend It

4 Myths about Racing Weight

How I Improved My Fueling and Hydration for Long Runs

How to Avoid 3 Common Marathon Fueling Problems

Glycogen Depletion Runs: Purpose, Benefits, and Risks

Prevent Injury

How to Safely Increase Your Running Mileage

6 Core Workouts for Runners

6 Injury Prevention Workouts for Runners

Female Athlete Triad: What Women Runners Need to Know

Pilates vs Yoga: Which is Best for Your Running?

Run Faster

Tempo Runs: The One Workout All Runners Need

Running by Feel Workouts: Ditch the GPS and Run Faster

Fartlek Workouts for the 5K through Marathon

Why Runners Should Do Speed Work

6 Hill Running Workouts for Runners

Train Smarter

Two a Day Workouts for Runners

Post Long Run Checklist

6 Indoor Workouts for Runners

Five-Minute Workouts to Add After Your Runs

How to PR in any Distance When You’re Already Doing Speedwork

Achieve Your Running Goals in 2017: 25 Top Running Posts from 2016

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Thank you to everyone who read, commented, and shared post this year! With the exception of the Monthly Workouts for Runners round up next Wednesday, I will be off through the new year. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

What was the best piece of running advice you received in 2016?
What topics would you like to see covered in 2017?

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  1. Great resource post for all things running! The best piece of advice for me this year is to train from where I am and not where I was 3 years ago pre-baby and pre-injury. I love your nutrition articles and would love to see more next year! Thanks for sharing such great content this year!

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