CIM Training Week 9

CIM Training Week 9

This week was a cutback week, a brief break in the miles before training really gets intense. I ended up running one less day than normal, but for a good reason – we took an impromptu weekend island getaway!

I’ve passed the halfway point in training, and after this week marathon training really starts to feel like I’ll be running 26.2 miles in less than two months. I have observed a few notable things regarding my nutrition at the halfway point of training:

  1. I am craving meat more, especially beef. I’ve started eating meat at lunch again a few times per week, and on weekends I want meat with breakfast (especially on Saturdays, the day after my long run). 
  2. My iron supplements (Solgar Gentle Iron) are working well. I haven’t experienced any stomach issues with them, which surprised me. My energy feels good and I feel like I’m recovering well from my runs.
  3. Perhaps it’s a placebo effect, but I have also been drinking tart cherry juice after my hard workouts and long runs and I feel like I am recovering well from those.

CIM Training Week 9

Monday: 8 miles easy

I ran Ollie for 7 miles. We had to stop and walk for a bit (which I paused my GPS for) because we encountered slippery areas of frost on the boardwalk. If a fog descends and the temperature is cold enough, the condensation forms frost on the wood even if just a few hundred meters away, there’s not a sign of frost. I could see both my breath and Ollie’s breath. Other than a few slippery patches, we had a really good easy run. 

CIM Training Week 9

After finishing the run with Ollie, I ran our friends’ nine-month-old German Shepherd puppy. Since he is too young for longer runs, we stick to just a mile. He half runs and half hops, which is adorably hilarious. 

Tuesday: 6 mile progression tempo (8 miles total) & core work

I scale back my intensity as well as volume during cutback weeks. This workout was less demanding than others, especially since the focus was on effort over pace. After a mile warm up, I started at marathon effort and tried to run faster each mile while cutting down to half marathon or tempo effort. This workout went really well – I started at a 7:51 and worked down to a 7:11! 

My core workout was simple, mostly my go-to exercises using the stability ball – pikes, hamstring curls, and deadbugs. I added some lateral lunges and leg lifts as well to work on hip and leg strength – the closer the marathon gets, the more I realize I need to be strong for those downhills. 

Wednesday: 5 mile easy run & 10 minutes Pilates

I started the run with Charlie, since he runs slower than Ollie. We ran 2 miles at an easy effort and stopped a few times for puggle potty breaks (always bring more bags than you think you will need on a run!). I quickly switched dogs and Ollie and I ran 3 miles easy (with thankfully fewer stops). After the short run, I did a quick Pilates session with the magic circle. 

Thursday: 14 mile long run

Since we were leaving for vacation on Friday, I did my long run on Thursday. I took Ollie with me and he ran his longest run yet! I took him on the first 11 miles of my run, paused for a minute to drop him off at home, and finished the last three miles on my own. I am certain that Ollie can run farther than 11 miles, as he seemed energetic even at the end of the run. 

CIM Training Week 9

Friday: 30 minute Kettlebell Workout

My strength workout focused primarily on core and lower body strength. I did kettlebell swings, kettlebell squats, kettlebell lateral lunges, kettlebell single leg deadlifts, kettlebell plank rows, leg lifts, donkey kicks, and bridges. 

Ryan and I took an impromptu vacation over to Orcas Island, one of the small islands in the Puget Sound. Since it’s off-season, we were able to book a room at a resort a few days prior for a very reasonable rate. We both needed a vacation that wasn’t active or filled with sightseeing – just time to relax. We dropped the dogs off at the kennel and took the ferry over the island. 

CIM Training Week 9

We arrived on the island later in the afternoon and enjoyed an early dinner and cocktails before checking in at our resort. 

Saturday: Active rest day

We walked a lot, even if we didn’t do any formal exercise – my watch recorded 6 miles of walking. We explored around our resort, investigated some of the trails at Moran State Park, and walked around Eastsound. We also spend a while at a local bookstore and drove to the top of Mount Constitution. Our day was on island time – leisurely, without any schedule. 

CIM Training Week 9

Sunday: Active rest day

We had the intention to run, but my GI system felt a bit off.  Travel just doesn’t always agree with my stomach (although it’s worth it for a trip like this!). Once my stomach did recover, we had checked out of the hotel. I am sure we could have run, but we decided to enjoy some extra relaxation. One missed easy run does not derail a training cycle. We took a long walk to a beach instead and enjoyed lunch overlooking the Sound. We could see Mount Baker, Canada, and more islands! 

CIM Training Week 9

How was your week in running?
Do you notice changes in your eating habits when you increase mileage or intensity?
Where do you want to vacation right now?


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15 Responses

  1. Yes! My appetite has been changing a lot this last month as mileage jumped up. I also had a cut back week- it’s nice both mentally and physically and I feel ready to tackle a new week. Your weekend trip looks beautiful!!

  2. Changes in eating… well, I always eat like I just ran a marathon (ROTFL). I really need to get my nutrition, or mostly the amount I eat, under control. I do crave a lot of protein and seafood though, but that’s not unusual for me no matter what kind of training I’m doing. Looks like you had a good cutback week and still had a strong long run even though you went on vacation. Your marathon is coming right up so I’m glad training is going well and that you had fun!

  3. I love that you were able to take a getaway up to Orcas!!! We headed up there spring of ’16 and it was amazing! I hope to go back soon.

    Your training seems to be going extremely well so far!!! Great job on another amazing week!

  4. I crave salt more when I start increasing mileage, especially if the weather is still warm. Weirdly, I hardly ever crave red meat – occasionally I want a burger and fries after a long run, but I think it’s still more about the salt.

  5. Orcas Island looks so beautiful! I can’t believe I’ve never been to the PNW. I really want to make a trip up there. Great job on your training and I can’t believe less than 2 months to go! 🙂

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