Mile Markers: Lake Sammamish Half Marathon Training Week 9

Lake Sammamish Half Marathon Training Week 9

Hi! How was your weekend? 

After this week, I have one last hard week of Lake Sammamish Half Marathon training before my workouts begin to taper down in volume and really focus in on race pace before the race. 

Since Ash Wednesday was this week, I decided to alter my training schedule a bit. Ash Wednesday is traditionally a day of fasting (Catholics eat two mini meals and one full meal while avoiding meat and any snacks, so it’s not hardcore no-food fasting), and I knew that doing a hard workout on a day of less eating was not a smart decision for fueling my run and taking care of my body. 

Lake Sammamish Half Marathon Training Week 9

New to the blog? You can catch up on my training with my recaps of Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5, Week 6, Week 7, and Week 8

Lake Sammamish Half Marathon Training Week 9

Monday: AM: 8 miles easy, 8:39/mile; PM: 15 minute Pilates workout + pushups

Just an easy 8 mile run, in the tiny bit of sunshine we had this week. 

Lake Sammamish Half Marathon Training Week 9

Tuesday: AM: 11 miles with 4 miles at goal marathon pace and 4 miles at goal half marathon pace; PM: 20 minutes of strength training

This workout was similar to my goal pace run from last week, except this time there was no rest interval between the marathon pace and half marathon pace miles. I averaged a 7:55/mile pace for the goal marathon pace miles and a 7:28/mile average for the half marathon pace miles. That was a bit faster than I intended, but I ran by perceived effort so it’s good to have those indications of my fitness increasing. 

My strength training workout was mildly pathetic, but something is better than nothing. I did weighted reverse lunges, bridges, rows, and medicine ball woodchops but without any set number of sets for any of them. I just did 20 reps and moved on to the next exercise, and then repeated a few of them if I felt like it.

Since it was Madri Gras/Fat Tuesday, we celebrated with Top Pot donuts and a big meal of roast beef, homemade Yorkshire pudding, mashed potatoes, roasted veggies, and wine, which was so incredibly delicious. My favorite holidays are the ones that involve lots of good food. 

Wednesday: 3 mile easy run, 10:09/mile

Ryan and I met after work to run together. We opted for an easy pace on this run, as it was rainy, windy, and we were both hungry and just not feeling 100%. Those runs happen, as I’m sure you know, so we just logged the miles, called it a day, and headed home for a warm meatless dinner. 

Thursday: 9 miles with 5 x 1 mile at 10k pace

After a mini meal of toast with honey and a banana, I headed out for my 5 x 1 mile workout. Yes, actual speedwork instead of fartleks! I warmed up with 2 hilly miles around the neighborhood, ran 5 x 1 mile at 7:13-7:19 min/mile on the treadmill with 3 minute recovery jogs, and then took Charlie for a cool down run to finish up my 9 miles. 

I felt a little crampy on this run, so I seized this workout as an opportunity to practice mind over matter and dealing with mild discomfort (while hydrating plenty with water and Enduropacks). 

Friday: 14 mile long run, 8:39/mile 

I began this run at a very easy and comfortable effort because of how hard my workout was the day before. I averaged an 8:50-9:05 min/mile for the first 7 or 8 miles, but then the weather changed from this sunny (or at least, sunny for Seattle in winter) weather…

Lake Sammamish Half Marathon Training Week 9

…to a total downpour, so I picked up my pace a bit over the second half of the run. I was drenched by the end of my run, but at least I felt strong and happy with my run!

Lake Sammamish Half Marathon Training Week 9

Saturday: 20 minutes of strength training

I find that shorter strength training routine with a few total body exercises work best for me. I found this helpful chart of how to create a strength training routine from Run Far Girl and made a routine of five exercises that emphasized glutes/legs, core, and upper back: reverse rotating lunges with a medicine ball, kettlebell swings, squats with overhead press, single-leg bridges, and plank rows. 

Did you watch the Olympic Trials? What a great race! I was so excited to see Amy Cragg and Shalane Flanagan both make the Olympic Team, and Rupp’s win in his first marathon was incredible. And, of course, Meb is always one of my favorites: he is not only such a talented runner, but you can tell he is the most genuine and kindest person.

Sunday: Rest Day

No hiking this week because it has been raining heavily since Friday. Just when we thought rainy season was over…but I can’t complain too much, since it’s a mild 50 degrees here.

Run: 45 miles | Hike: 0 miles | 3 supplementary workouts

Running Shoe Search: So Brooks discontinued the PureConnect and changed the PureFlow, which were the two running shoes I rotated between for the past several months.  I’ve been wearing the PureFlow 3s for over a year (I stocked up when they went on sale), but I tried on the new PureFlow 5 shoes this weekend and they did not feel good. They forced my feet to supinate too much (I already under pronate) and the tongue cut into my feet. I tried on the Brooks Launches (Ryan’s current shoe) and they were a bit too much shoe for me. I also tried on the Saucony Kinvaras, which had more cushion than the PureConnect but felt nice, neutral, and comfortable. I’m considering switching over to Saucony after my race when the new Kinvara 7s come out in March, but a new shoe and a new brand make me a bit nervous.

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How was your week of running?
What running shoes are you wearing right now?
Did you watch the Olympic Marathon Trials?
Do you enjoy running in the rain or avoid it?

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23 Responses

  1. Congratulations on another great week of training! A *big* week at that.

    I ran a half this weekend (another sub-1:40, I am telling you, you got it in you bc you train harder and more pace specific than I do) then watched the trials. I liked watching it, obviously it’s fun for running to come on TV but I learned a lot. You had some really good hard workouts and way to take it easy on Lent between those hard days. Plus an 8 mile easy run… that’s how you know you’re training for a half… when your easy is over an hour.

    For shoes, you should look into the New Balance Fresh Foam Zante. I also have the Brooks Launch and they are good for my longer runs but I bet you’d like the Zante for short and racing, if not the longer runs as well. Running Warehouse has them on sale and they always have an extra discount code too.

    1. Thank you! Congrats on another sub-1:40 – that’s awesome that you ran that again! I will look into the New Balance Zante – I think I saw a review of it in this month’s Runner’s World, so thank you!

  2. As you know I will soon be in the same boat as you with running shoes. I have a few pairs of back up shoes, but I am on my last pair of connects. I am interested in the kinvaras too but I have never run in Saucony. I might need to go to a running store and try them on, along with a few other options.

    1. I haven’t run in Saucony either, but I really like their running clothes which is why I gravitated towards them first. I think the Brooks Neuro (which are supposed to be like the connect) and the new Kinvara both come out on March 1. You should definitely go try them on – it was fun to shoe shop! 🙂

  3. Ugh, the running shoe search. I wear the kinvaras for walking around the mall, they are not great for me for running. I am going to recommend the Adidas energy boosts but we all have different feet so who knows if they would work for you ! They are by far the best running shoes I have ever worn, been in them since 2014. I used to love saucony for the wide toe box but they dropped their heel height which affected me big time. I heard the triumph are great though – I kinda want to try them one day.

    1. I thought of the Adidas Boosts and was going to try them on but didn’t seem them at REI (which is where I went since we get a dividend on purchases with our membership). I like lightweight shoes like that but I also need a low heel to toe drop, which is what drew my to the Kinvaras since they only have a 4mm. You should try the triumph – I’ve heard a lot of people rave about them!

  4. The Kinvaras would be the closest to the pure connect. Although, there is a nike shoe called the LT racer that is pretty similar. It’s pretty narrow cut as well as minimal cushion. It’s not meant to do a lot of mileage in but neither were the connects so it could be an option. I would recommend the Kinvara though, as I have to everyone who is sad about the pure connect. The new Kinvara coming out is going to be a little bit more shoe and last a little longer. LOL, can you tell I work at a running store and am geeking out right now? HA, but you can always email me with questions.

    1. That’s good to hear what you think, especially since you work at a running store! That makes me feel more confident about trying the Kinvaras. And there’s times my connects had too little cushion (I can’t do long runs in them unless it’s a race or long tempo, for long runs I wear my pair of Pure Flows). I really like the colors of the new Kinvara also so I’m really excited to hear it’s more durable as well. Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you! Good luck on your mile repeats this week – your training has gone so well I know they’re going to go great for you! I agree though – if it’s an interval workout, I find those shorter intervals more bearable, especially short fartleks. Mile repeats are hard to focus on that pace for so long!

  5. Switching shoe brans can be so hard! I was a Brooks girl for ten years but had to switch due to injury. The key is to find what works best with your foot. Good luck with the rest of your training and I hope that the taper crazies aren’t too bad 🙂

    1. Thank you! I’m hoping tapering goes well – half marathon tapering gives me the crazies more than marathon tapering, maybe because in marathon training I’m just so ready for the taper by the time it comes!

  6. That’s funny because the Launch is way less shoe than I’m used to with the Nimbus. You should try on the Nimbus just for shits and giggles. I call them my Cadillacs. Btw, excellent job at that race pace run. Your fitness IS definitely increasing. What a great feeling. What a great week! And now yes, some sunshine would be nice hey?

    1. Ryan said the same thing about the Launches compared to his old Nikes. They are lightweight, but my feet are so big (women’s 10-10.5 in running shoes) that any shoe is huge on me and feels like a ton of shoe, even if it’s really not. And thank you so much! And yes, some sunshine would be nice, although I do still love that it’s nowhere near as cold as the rest of the country. And no snow!

  7. Congrats on a great week! And I totally hear you on the shoe thing. I just bought another pair of Asics Kayano 21s because the newest version doesn’t feel as good, so after that shoe is gone I have no clue what I’ll wear! I hate trying new shoes, but maybe you can find a place that lets you try a shoe out for a week or two so you can see how it works on both long and short runs? Good luck!

    1. Thank you! I was so tempted to stock up on my Brooks when I saw one was discontinued and the other was completely remodeled, but they sold out of my size almost everywhere before I could. And REI does let members return shoes that don’t work, which is why I tried on shoes there – not to mention the member dividend!

  8. Amazing week! You are running so strong and your plan/workouts are so solid. I just know you are going to do great in your race. Sorry to hear you’re struggling with you shoe options. I know the idea was for Brooks to combine the best of the Connects and Flows into one great shoe. I actually really love the Launches. I only wear them for cross training and walking around since I need a tad more stability but I do run short runs in them and really like them. They are worth the try. I would say they are my next fav shoe after the PureCadence. My husband swears by the Saucony Kinvara and won’t wear anything else. Keep up the amazing training. It’s gonna pay off!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Jesica! I really wanted to like the PureFlow 5, since I liked both the Pure Flow and Pure Connect, but it just didn’t quite fit right – more my foot than the shoe itself, because it’s such a pretty and nice shoe!

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