2017 Virtual Marathon Training Group

On June 5th, I am launching my second annual virtual marathon training group – and pre-registration is now open! 

While fall feels as if it’s in the distant future, training for a marathon requires several months of training – which means you may start your marathon training in just over a month at the end of May or start of June. Have you picked your training plan or coach yet?

Maybe you signed up for your first marathon ever (congratulations!) and now are overwhelmed by the prospect of training for and racing 26.2 miles. Maybe you finally want to make this year the year you qualify for Boston or run a big PR. Or maybe you want to finally finish a marathon strong and happy, with a finishing kick and a smile on your face at the finish line. No matter what your goal is, I will work with you individually to help you achieve it. 

I firmly believe that individualized training, community support, knowledge, and preparedness are essential for any runner who wants strong and enjoyable marathon. My training philosophy to a marathon differs from what you may find in Hansons or Hal Higdon cookie cutter plans. With each runner, I work to develop the best possible training plan for you

My Fall 2017 Marathon Training Group offers exactly that, to help you run your best marathon – whether it’s your first or fastest. 

Pre-registration is now open for the Fall 2017 Marathon Training Group!

I am taking only 15 athletes in this year’s Marathon Training Group, so save your spot today!  With your spot saved, you will be able to schedule your consultation early and register at a special pre-registration price of $95/month. Payments only begin once you officially begin training for your marathon – pre-registering does not cost anything, it simply holds your spot in the group.


Fall 2017 Marathon Training Group

No matter where you live or which fall marathon you are training for, you can be a part of this training group! Coaching is done completely virtually, via email, phone, messaging, and Final Surge – communication and feedback is a priority.  You will receive all of the benefits of training with a group (and more) with the flexibility for your own schedule and goals. Whether your marathon is in September or November, you can join – the group extends as far into the fall months as needed. Fall Marathon Training Group 2017

For $105/month (pre-registration price of $95/month before May 22), you will receive:

  • Initial Consultation to discuss your current training, goals, training needs, and more. 
  • An individualized monthly training plan designed for your specific fitness level, goals, and race course. This includes long runs and marathon specific speed work along with easy runs and cross-training. 
  • Nutritional guidance including my Master Your Fueling and Hydration E-Course, because fueling on your long runs and race day is vital for marathon success. 
  • Monthly Webinars covering marathon related topics, including fitting your training into your life, nutrition, and strength training. 
  • Injury prevention guidance to keep you strong and injury-free as the miles pile up, including injury prevention workouts, recovery tips, and more. 
  • Weekly emails to motivate you through each week’s training.
  • Access to a virtual training group on Slack, where you can support and encourage other runners, receive accountability and motivation, and ask questions. 
  • Once per month check-in calls with your coach plus unlimited email communication.  

The Road to Success: What Runners Say

As a running coach, the most rewarding moment comes when an athlete achieves what they previously considered impossible. I worked with a handful of runners in my Marathon Training Group last year and it was humbling, inspiring, and incredible to watch them each achieve their individual goals in the marathon. 

 “Before I started working with Laura for the Marathon Training group, I wrote to her and said, ‘If you think this isn’t the time because I’m not good, just say so.’ Instead of turning me away for being a non-consistent, slower runner using a run/walk method, Laura took me as I was and guided me to a marathon finish line. Laura helped me define my goals and carefully crafted a race plan tailored to where I was with running. She helped motivate me and give me advice for all areas that impact my running – my stress level with work, my eating habits, and my recovery. Through her coaching, I ran my best-executed half marathon by really honing in learning how to push myself when needed and finished an entire 26.2 miles. After the Marathon Training Group was over, it never crossed my mind to discontinue training with Laura. She is kind and knowledgeable which makes her a great coach!” – Caroline

“Thanks to training with Laura I was able to complete my first full marathon in Sept. 2016. I’m fairly new to running so crossing the finish line was a huge success for me. To complicate my training I have rheumatoid arthritis, Laura carefully designed a program that wouldn’t over stress my body. She taught me about nutrition, fueling on runs, recovery and mainly self-care. Her continues encouragement helped boost my self-confidence and in return I became a stronger runner.  I am eternally grateful for her sincere concern, support and guidance during my marathon training.” – Alison


Sign up now to reserve your spot in the virtual Fall 2017 Marathon Training Group! You do not start paying until you being the training plan; by filling out the form below and hitting “subscribe,” you pre-register to save your spot and receive additional exclusive emails to prepare you for marathon training. 

If you aren’t interested in joining the marathon training group, I would greatly appreciate any shares of this link on social media or to runners you think may be interested. Thank you so much in advance! 

Are you training for a fall marathon?
When’s your next big race? 

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